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The invoicing function allows you to accept money for services, goods or payment for something.
For example, you are an entrepreneur, but there are difficulties with accepting funds from your clients. We give you the opportunity to issue an invoice for payment through our service.
 Payment can be made in any currency that is available in the list of your balances. At the same time, the client makes the payment by any method that is available in the directions of our service (more than 100 payment methods), which solves the problem of payments in a particular currency or system. We remove the restriction and forced choice of payment system. "Pay the way it suits you."
 This functionality is provided to any user who is registered on our website.
The crediting time from the moment of transferring funds from the payer to the fact that funds are credited to your balance is up to 24 hours.


 Important! When invoicing, the user does not see your data. The invoice has its own personal number, and the payment of the invoice is accompanied by a unique application number that only you and the payer know. The same number is the payer's identifier (not to be confused with the account number). Additionally, the payer can specify a note to the transfer, which can also serve as an identifier.
Funds are credited in the currency in which the invoice was originally issued for payment.

 We provide two types of accounts: one-time and permanent. A one-time account is closed after payment and can no longer be used. A permanent account will remain in effect until you close it yourself. As stated above, the account has its own number, and all payments are made according to a unique application number, which you can request from the payer for verification. In your personal account, the number will be displayed upon payment of the invoice. Example: Bill 16414789355116. order 16414790022486, where Bill is the invoice number, order is the order number for payment.

 The commission for payment can be paid by you (the store), or by the payer (the customer). The commission implies the difference between the market rate and the service rate for the asset of crediting to the payment asset.

 To fully understand the structure of the system and ease of operation, you need to log in to our website, go to the wallet and try to issue an invoice for payment.