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SBP (Fast payment system)

JSC CB Citibank

JSC Citibank was founded in 1992 as one of the first Russian international financial institutions. Last year, he ranked seventh in the country among the most profitable and 15th in the ranking of the most solvent banking organizations. This rating was compiled by Interfax.

Cryptocurrency Elcoin

From the moment the first cryptographic currency Bitcoin appeared on the network, not so many years have passed. But only recently, the payment system of the same name was truly interested in thousands of companies around the world. The basis for the creation of cryptocurrency was Blockchain technology, with the help of which hundreds of other types of digital cash are issued today.

Kit finance

The non-state pension fund Kit has been providing services to the population since 2007. With the help of the organization, many Russians were able to secure a decent old age. Most investors choose Kit Finance for high profitability and stable operation. The fund managed to enter the TOP-3 NPF of Russia; for several years now, the organization has been holding its position.

Bank Trust

HFK Bank

HFK Bank was formed with the collapse of the USSR in 1990 under the name Innovation Bank Technopolis. After 12 years, Home Credit bought a financial institution to give him a reputation and a new life. In July 2002, Home Credit issued its first loan in the Russian Federation. At the same time, the first retail outlet and bank branch are opened.

Bank of Russia

ING Bank

About 15 years ING Bank has been providing financial services to legal entities. Economic stability is achieved thanks to the attraction of foreign capital - it is a subsidiary of the Dutch holding. The Bank does not work with individuals, the main activity is corporate clients.

OTP Bank

OTP Bank is the largest financial and credit institution in Russia, which is part of the well-known OTP Group. A credit institution offers a wide range of services, and both individuals and legal entities act as clients. In the spring of 2016, the institutions capital reached 25.2 billion rubles, which is one of the most solid indicators among other banks in Russia.

Moscow Industrial Bank

Moscow Industrial Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in Russia, which has been operating since 1990. Clients of the organization are individuals and business representatives. The main services are the provision of bank cards, loans, deposits. Today, the bank has a stable customer base, strong market positions and a minimum level of credit risk. Its main advantages are a wide range of services, an individual approach to customers and low sensitivity to currency risks.