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The Baksman digital asset exchange service introduces a bonus program to encourage the activity of its users. We value the time of absolutely every client, so we make his exchanges more profitable in exchange for a couple of minutes spent.

Starting today, each client of our service can receive bonuses that are equal to the ruble of the Russian Federation. The user can spend these bonuses when carrying out exchange transactions in our service. Withdrawal of bonuses from the internal balance of the account is not possible. When using bonuses during the exchange, the volume of bonuses cannot exceed 30% of the total amount of the exchange.

To earn bonuses, after the exchange, you must perform a couple of simple steps that will take you no more than 3 minutes.

Go to the site BestChange - monitoring of exchange services at this link.

You will see a page with reviews about our exchange service:

Click on the Add Review button:

Fill out the form that opens and leave a review about our work:

When filling out the form, be sure to enter the number of your exchange request, after which you leave a review. We will credit you with bonuses to your internal account based on the amount of your exchange.

Feedback bonuses are accrued from the exchange amount and amount to 1%, but not more than 50 units.
For example, you exchanged and received bonuses:

100 rubles = 1 bonus

1500 rubles = 15 bonuses

5000 and above = 50 bonuses

If the exchange amount is not an integer value, then the amount of accrued bonuses is rounded down to an integer value.

For example, 4563.73 rubles is equal to 45 bonuses.

The time for crediting bonuses is up to 24 hours, the average time is 1 hour.

You can see the crediting of bonuses in your personal account, in the "Internal balance" functionality:

It is very easy to write off bonuses when they are available in your internal account.

Added the ability to withdraw bonuses to mobile communications. Or you can spend them on exchange transactions.

Here, when forming an application, you check the box next to the line with bonuses:


Then you, at the next step, already see them fixed for write-off.

That's all!

This bonus program is completely voluntary. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions, as well as completely cancel the bonus program.

The accrual can be seen and controlled and withdrawn in your account, in the "Balances" section.

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