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2019 was marked by the birth of about two hundred new types of altcoins, while only a part of them were able to reach high positions in the cryptocurrency market. Among those lucky ones are V Systems. What is so unique about this cryptocurrency and why has it attracted investor interest? The history of creation, key aspects and features of the project - below.

What is V Systems

V Systems is a blockchain-based cloud project. At its core, VSYS is not so much a digital currency as an electronic platform where various operations are performed with a minimum commission and data confidentiality. V Systems cryptocurrency operates within the same platform. Initially, the developers released 5 million tokens, but the risk of currency depreciation has led to the fact that the number of tokens is gradually decreasing.

The project differs in that it includes a new SPoS (Supernode-Proof-of-Stake) transaction confirmation algorithm. The creator of V Systems, Sunny King, refined PoS (in which he also participated) and used it to increase scalability. The creation of stable blocks made it possible to achieve high performance of the platform, in many respects surpassing similar sites.

Token holders take part in minting (the process of creating new blocks in exchange for making a profit); only owners of in-system digital coins can participate in this process. There are no restrictions on time and size of the bet, no special programming skills or supernodes are required.

VSYS tokens allow you to create new applications powered by blockchain technology. The whole process takes no more than 3 minutes, and a rich arsenal of tools, system components, modules and protocols is provided for efficient work within the system. In addition, disjoint blockchains can be exchanged through the use of crosschains.

Due to the active emission, the cryptocurrency is far from the last positions in the rating table. As part of the issue, V Systems provides for an annual reduction in the number of issued tokens. It is impossible to calculate the exact number of coins at the moment, since the process of their generation is endless.

The history of the emergence of V Systems

The history of the emergence of V Systems (VSYS) dates back to 2016. It was then that the crypto developer Sunny King, who launched several altcoin projects, left the leadership positions in Peercoin (PPC) and Primecoin (XPM) and began to create a unique digital economic space.

Key development stages were completed in 2018, but the launch of the cryptocurrency itself was postponed to March 2019. During the first weeks, V Systems digital coins cost about 3 cents, while the daily trading turnover amounted to more than 1 million USD. None of the coins achieved such success during the entire existence of the cryptocurrency. In May, the growth of the positive dynamics of V Systems stopped, the price of the token froze at the level of 0.12 USD. The stop initially raised concerns, but they were dispelled at the end of June.

In just a year of its existence, the mainnet proved the platforms high performance, and the V Systems currency unit operating inside the platform allows you to pay for transactions, chain launches and access to various applications.

As conceived by the developers, the V Systems blockchain infrastructure pursues several main goals:

Implementation of an operating platform based on cloud computing, allowing the creation of new projects using blockchain technology.
Unique interaction between projects based on blockchain technology on the principle of decentralization with the subsequent elimination of local storages.
Launching an ecosystem that has a self-governing mechanism to modernize and support the digital economy.
Implementation of such changes in the blockchain operation, which will allow updating its software without much effort.
Creating a publicly available blockchain-based database that frees developers and allows them to switch to promoting the final product.
Implementation of the project, taking into account high scalability, which will allow to bypass the current cryptocurrency leaders.
V Systems is an efficient crypto platform that ensures the decentralization of the data bank. It was designed to be the fundamental infrastructure for industrial blockchain.

Is V Systems popular?

It is still impossible to speak about the demand and popularity of the VSYS cryptocurrency, the reason is in the purpose of tokens (they, like the platform itself, are intended for use by technical specialists). Interest in the platform is fueled by low transaction fees and the speed of their execution. Cryptocurrency also bribes users with the authority of developers in the digital world, the demand from traders, the prospects of technology, the presence of a working product, which is confirmed by the implementation of most of the White Paper points.

At the same time, there is some caution among users. In particular, there were questions regarding the departure of the platform creator from rather successful projects. Also, according to experts, the focus on blockchain developers somewhat narrows the circle of potential investors. With the best mainstream, it would be possible to achieve large investments in the development of the project.

But the popularity of V Systems is growing, as evidenced by the reviews of the holders, who note the reliability, ease of use and convenience of the new site.

What is V Systems for?

The need for the VSYS cryptocurrency is due to the operation of the platform itself. In particular, it is the main unit active within the blockchain. Tokens are used to pay rewards for creating new blocks, as well as for using the platforms functionality.

V Systems coin has a high paying capacity. In addition, it provides the blockchain platform with a balanced and clear virtual economy, due to which the interests of token holders and supernodes are fully protected.

Cryptocoins V Systems (VSYS) are used as a means of payment for payment of commission fees, a tool for distribution of interest, leasing, minting, to gain access to network applications (including smart contracts, crosschains, sidechains, dApps) and to pay resource stock for projects, built on the basis of cloud-based decentralized databases.

Today, the B Systems platform is the first and only database of its kind based on blockchain technology, which allows implementing any ideas of developers. It allows you to achieve practical and at the same time reliable solutions regardless of application development scenarios, it advantageously combines high parallelism, increased volumes and complete data security.

Cryptocurrency is available for mining and buying on cryptocurrency exchanges. The first method of obtaining tokens is specific, due to the work of the new SPoS format protocol. Coins are generated by creating new super nodes, so V Systems can be mined provided that the user is also a "super node". For ordinary users, this method of earning tokens is not suitable, it is better for them to use leasing - allocating their coins to a certain node for a percentage of the mined tokens.

V Systems Transactions

Currently, the mainnet is actively working on the platform and copes with the tasks assigned to it: V Systems transactions are processed within a second, the process of transferring funds takes no more than 2 minutes, and the enhanced security system of the site protects against failures and hacker attacks.

Thanks to the implementation of the updated version of PoS – SPoS, the platform is devoid of most of the flaws. The speed of transactions and their efficiency are due to the following points:

orientation of the updated algorithm to higher performance parameters;
the presence of an open entrance and exit for everyone;
lack of minimum requirements for the formation of rates;
using minting with Minting Average Balance (MAB) algorithms.

V Systems Perspective

The prospects for V Systems are very positive and interesting, many specialists in the field of the digital economy are betting on this digital currency. Blockchains continue to actively develop, which is confirmed by the implementation of the plans of the Project Roadmap. The plans of the creators so far coincide with reality and it can be concluded that in the future the project will become more ambitious and will allow you to get decent profit. It is also planned to increase the rate of tokens by gradually withdrawing funds from circulation. All this only confirms the chances of V Systems to become a new stage in the development of the digital economy.

It is impossible to predict the exact vector of further development of V Systems; neither beginners, nor creators, nor experienced experts will undertake this. But one thing is undeniable - tokens are created on the basis of a unique platform that is important for the cyber economy as a whole. Due to a wide range of tools and capabilities, it automatically becomes a useful project and only for this reason we can assume that V Systems has a promising future.

Added: 30.11.1999