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The National Reserve Bank is one of the most reliable and stable financial institutions in Russia. He successfully overcame the crisis periods of the 90s and 2008-2010, and at the same time managed to significantly expand the range of services provided to customers.


This financial institution was registered in 1994. Two years later, the bank took its rightful place in the ten largest banks in the country. Well-coordinated team actions, competent management decisions, and diversification of profitable areas have made it possible to adequately overcome the crisis period in the economy and gain a foothold in the ranking of the most reliable financial institutions in the country.

During 2000-2008, the National Reserve Bank actively expanded the number of branches and divisions in different regions of the country.

In 2005, he received permission to issue cards of the Visa payment system.

During the economic crisis of 2008, the bank became one of the first private institutions that received permission to participate in the reorganization of the financial system, and fully complied with the obligations assumed under this project.

Bank specialists participated in the development of the national affordable housing program. The Bank is actively cooperating with enterprises in the aerospace, fuel and energy, ship and engineering industries, and the agro-industrial and military-industrial complex.

Today, the National Reserve Bank Bank works both with legal entities and private clients, constantly improving existing products and introducing innovative service methods. Particular attention is paid to mortgage lending, issues of issuing and supporting circulation of bank cards.

Available Programs

In its activities, the bank focuses on both large corporate customers and retail users, and the latter have been given special attention recently.

The following types of services are offered to legal entities:

Remote maintenance (online account management at the National Reserve Bank).
Investment and project financing.
Leasing projects.
Settlement and cash services.
Depository services.
Organization of salary projects and card services.
All types of financial settlements.
Placement of free funds in bills or on deposits.
The list of services offered by the bank to individuals is also quite large. Private customers have the following options:

Deposits of various kinds to save and increase funds.
Consumer loans.
Currency conversion operations.
Issue by the National Reserve Bank of cards, including those with a credit line.
Getting loans for the purchase of housing.
Opening and maintenance of personal accounts in national and foreign currencies.
Money transfers and payments within the territory of the Russian Federation and outside the country.
Storage of valuables in bank safes.
The acquisition of commemorative coins made of precious metals.

Online Services

In order to automate the workflow between customers and the bank, as well as to ensure simplicity, speed and comfort of various operations, the bank has developed a number of remote services. Now, customers of the National Reserve Bank can make transactions, monitor account status online.

The exchange of information takes place over a securely protected connection, which guarantees the confidentiality of the transmitted data. Security of operations is achieved through the use of electronic digital keys and the latest cryptographic techniques for protecting information. 

Internet Client

The Internet Client remote access system allows the user to connect to his account, conduct various operations and view the history from any personal computer connected to the Internet.

This service provides an opportunity for customers of the National Reserve Bank to conduct the following actions online:

Make money transfers in national and foreign currency.
Monitor account status at any time.
View the history of transactions.
Apply for currency conversion,
Maintain official correspondence with the bank.
Advantages of the Internet Client service:

There is no need to install additional software on the clients computer; all operational activities are carried out on the banks server.
Any information on the account and transactions can be obtained in real time.
Access to the system of the National Reserve Bank is possible from any personal computer connected to the Internet.
All information is stored on a secure server of the bank, therefore there is no risk of data loss.
Modern software equipment reliably protects the system from hacker attacks, viruses.
Convenient and intuitive interface, ease of settings.


The Bank offers its corporate clients, who daily conduct a large number of transactions on the current account, access to the remote Client-Bank service. This system allows you to remotely manage your own bank account using special software installed on the clients computer.

After connecting the service, the customers of the National Reserve Bank get the opportunity:

Make money transfers in national and foreign currencies.
Monitor account status.
Keep an archive of payment documents.
Get help information.
Exchange information with the 1C program.
The advantages of this system are:

Reliability and safety.
High performance.
Independence from the quality of communication.
Ease of maintenance.

Credit cards

The Bank offers its customers Visa plastic cards.

The holder of a card issued by the National Reserve Bank has the following options:

Pay in retail chains for goods without paying a commission.
Pay for the services of Internet providers, telephony and many others.
Make budget payments.
Shop online.
Withdraw funds from the card in the local currency of any country in the world.
Book hotel rooms, airline tickets, pay for car rental.
The bank offers corporate customers the issue of salary cards for employees.

Overdraft cards are very popular with bank customers, which make it possible to make purchases and payments for services in the absence of their own funds. The National Reserve Bank opens credit cards with customers who have deposits with the bank, top managers of partner companies, employees of corporate clients who have a salary project in the bank.

The overdraft amount does not exceed 70% of monthly income.
No collateral or guarantee is required to obtain a loan.
Debt repayment is made monthly.
Early repayment is carried out without additional fees.
The interest rate is 20-23% per annum.
Interest is accrued on actual debt.
When paying by card in partner stores, the customer receives additional discounts.
At NR Bank ATMs, cash is dispensed without a commission charge.

The National Reserve Bank has long gained authority among the countrys banking institutions as a reliable, responsible and profitable financial partner. A wide variety of banking services combined with comfortable service conditions make it quite popular among residents of the Russian Federation.