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Reliability and the spotless business reputation of the financial institution Probusinessbank OJSC have passed the test of time. The bank was founded in 1993. Since 2013, it has been part of the Life financial group. The orientation of the bank, from the very beginning of its operation, is enterprises related to medium and small businesses.

Today, the bank has a set of licenses that allow it to engage in dealer and brokerage activities, as well as conduct operations on the securities market. In addition, the financial institution has the right to appear before the customs authorities as a guarantor. The organization also works with individuals, lending them for consumer purposes.

The founders of the bank Probusinessbank are well versed in how to make money on the Russian investment market and its international counterpart. Various ratings have repeatedly brought the bank to a solid position. Over the many years of its existence, it has repeatedly been included in lists containing the most developing financial enterprises. The Bank was awarded high marks in the Peoples Rating.

One of the main advantages of a well-known credit institution is its stability. Over the years, they have overcome quite large crises. But even when difficult times came, the bank did not become unprofitable. Probusinessbank constantly uses innovative technologies, and this is precisely why its success is explained.

Probusinessbank Online

Internet banking in todays realities is a natural part of the service of almost any bank. And Probusinessbank provides an electronic bank service to its customers. The users of this program are private entrepreneurs or ordinary citizens who, with its help, control their own funds and manage them.

The presence of an extremely simple and enjoyable, on an intuitive level, interface, coupled with extensive functionality, allow for total financial control. In addition, this makes it possible to use the bulk of the services offered by Probusinessbank.

Specialists of the agency called “Expert RA” many times noted the program of this electronic bank as one of the most diverse in terms of functionality and ease of use. According to this indicator, it is consistently among the ten best programs in Russia.

The procedure for connecting to the Probusinessbank-online system

It is impossible to make a connection to Probusinessbank online from a distance. So, in order to gain access to using the system, you have to get to the nearest office. It identifies the client and fills out an application on the basis of which the connection is made. The client is immediately given a password for the first case, and with it a login. He also receives a card containing one-time keys that allow transactions in Probusinessbank online.

About the opportunities provided by the Probusinessbank-online system

The client, using an online bank, keeps under control the state of his finances, makes payments to various recipients, pays for various types of services, requests and receives statements, conducts transactions in foreign currency. Among the most interesting options of Probusinessbank-online are the following:

Availability of payment calendar. This option makes it possible to configure automatic debiting of payments from the clients account. And then they will be made in accordance with the conditions stipulated not only in the schedule, but also in the specified template.
A mobile bank, as well as an SMS bank for smartphones on the iPhone and Android platforms, which are entirely controlled from Probusinessbank-online.

There is a system that sets automatic limits on the amount of transactions when they are carried out:

The one-time limit is 90,000 rubles.
The daily limit is 150,000 rubles.
In the section called “Limits”, using the interface, the client can change these rules. At the same time, the maximum high size of a one-time limit can reach 150,000 rubles, with a daily limit of 300,000 rubles.


The system is considered one of the most protected from intruders among Internet banking in Russia. Safety control is carried out at all, without exception, the stages of the system. Fundamental for the bank Probusinessbank are:

In order to enter the system requires the introduction of a password known exclusively to the client.
It is recommended to enter a password and login using the virtual keyboard.
Using a tab called “My Security”, the client can set a specific time. Upon its expiration, if the clients activity is not observed, the screen will automatically lock. In order to re-enter the system, you will need to re-enter all the components.
A corresponding message is sent to the clients phone about each visit to the personal account.
For any practical operation, the introduction of a one-time key on a one-time key card is required.

Probusinessbank credit cards

Probusinessbank Bank issues plastic cards. Each of them has its own differences, which are not only in appearance. They also provide credit lines on different conditions. More than others, the following species have spread:

Standard. This card has a relatively small credit limit - from 5,000 to 75,000 rubles. The interest rate does not exceed 24% per annum. 55 days grace period. To become an owner of a Standard card, two documents must be presented:
- Application for its receipt.

- A document confirming the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Probusinessbank Gold card enables its holder to receive about 1 000 000 rubles for personal use. They are issued if the client agrees with the following conditions:
- The percentage of the annual rate will be 24%.

- 4,500 rubles - a fee for the first year.

- 55 days - the duration of the period of benefits.

- The smallest payment made every month will be at least 2% of the amount spent.

In order to get the indicated credit card, you will need to present, in addition to the application and passport, a 2NDFL certificate. In addition, the client must have a certificate issued by the employer. At the same time, a minimum of one year work experience is required.

Card of Probusinessbank Platinum. The credit limit on this card is 600,000 rubles. She has such an important feature as the availability of discounts for customers who use them when paying online and offline purchases. So, if a client uses this card when calculating in any of the restaurants owned by Arkady Novikov, then he will receive a 10% discount.
When calculating goods purchased in supermarkets "Taste Alphabet", there is also a 10% discount. But in the institutions owned by partners of the Novikov Restoran Group, the discount is already 20%. Using this debit card, you can perform operations on the exchange of several currencies:

- Rubles.

- US dollars

- Euro.

In this situation, it will also be impossible to get rid of submitting an application in tandem with a copy of the passport. Additionally, you have to add a whole set of documents:

- Help 2NDFL.

- A copy made from the work book.

- Help established by the bank sample.

Probusinessbank Electron card. She has a lot of features that can interest the client. These include:
- Availability of iPhone banking.

- The presence of Android banking.

- The presence of an electronic bank.

- The presence of SMS banking.

- Availability of the Visa Special Offers privilege system.

Getting a Platinum card becomes possible after providing a standard package of documents - 2NDFL certificates, applications and passports.