Large Ukrainian trading network Foxtrot began to accept cryptocurrency for payment
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The implementation of cryptocurrency payments for goods will be carried out by Binance Pay. Payment for goods can be implemented not only in online stores, but also in retail outlets throughout the distribution network.

Alexei Zozulya, director of the Foxtrot network, said that work in this area has been carried out since 2020.

All settlement transactions will be conducted using Binance Pay. To do this, customers will need to choose the type of payment that will be convenient for them. Then you need to confirm the payment in the special Binance application. When making a payment in retail stores, the seller will generate a special QR code, upon scanning which will be debited.

Since March, the creator of the Kuna cryptocurrency exchange has reported to the Senate of the United States of America that it is possible to carry out the procedure for opening test projects in Ukraine. His cryptocurrency asset collection organization has been able to accumulate more than 50 million and is aiming to reach the target of 100 million USD.

Additionally, the question was raised that American organizations cannot decide to deploy cryptocurrency products in their country, and consider Ukraine as a sandbox.

The conflict situation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine will have an impact on the blockchain network. Experts are sure that a large-scale “brain drain” can occur, as it was in the nineties. All this will significantly affect the economic sphere around the world.
Added: 27.05.2022