Lamoureux CEO: Bitcoin will rise to $100,000 by the end of 2023
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Forecasts by Lamoureux & Co, the head of the research organization Lamoureux & Co, that in 2023 the price of bitcoin will be equal to 100 thousand US dollars. Despite the fact that the rate of digital gold has recently fallen and quotes on the cryptocurrency market have undergone a correction, this is a standard phenomenon that is at its final stage.

Lamourier also put forward the theory that the growth of bitcoin is inevitable and its performance will easily reach the mark of 100 thousand. This quotation rally will continue until 2025. At the same time, an important point that will have a strong impact on the growth in the value of a digital asset is a reduction by half of the amount of remuneration to miners. This procedure is scheduled for 2024. In addition, he said that it is better not to make large investments now. The purchase should be realized in small parts. So far, the bitcoin exchange rate is holding in the region of 30 thousand, which is more than half below the record price of the asset. There will be an exit from the bearish trend soon.

It is also very risky to invest in other types of cryptocurrency elements. In recent days, the market has not been stable and a living example of this is the situation with Terra. Analyst skepticism towards bitcoin led to recommendations to refrain from investing. Now the view is slightly different.

“Bitcoin is attractive because it dominates the rest of the elements. First of all, the flow of investments will go to him. All other coins strive to reach the level of digital gold, but they cannot reach it. Of all the proposals, it is worth choosing the best and not creating additional difficulties.

This opinion was confirmed by the President of El Salvador. The difference between their statements was that Niyib Bukele predicts that the mark will be reached this year. Some experts predict that in the next five years, the potential may develop up to 500 thousand per coin.
Added: 27.05.2022